The Basics Lectures

The Basics Books and Lectures—L. Ron Hubbard’s books contain the summaries of breakthroughs and conclusions as they appeared in the developmental research track. In many instances, he gave a series of lectures immediately following the release of a new book, providing further explanation and amplification of these discoveries as well as their full application in auditing and in life. Studying the lectures in combination with the book provides a level of comprehension not otherwise possible.

  • Dianetics Lectures and Demonstrations

    Dianetics Lectures and Demonstrations

    430 DKK
  • Dianetics Professional Course Lectures

    1.700 DKK
  • Science of Survival Lectures

    Science of Survival Lectures

    1.100 DKK
  • Special Course in Human Evaluation

    Special Course in Human Evaluation

    1.100 DKK
  • Thought, Emotion and Effort

    Thought, Emotion and Effort

    3.000 DKK
  • The Life Continuum

    The Life Continuum

    1.500 DKK
  • Scientology: Milestone One

    Scientology: Milestone One

    3.000 DKK
  • Route to Infinity

    The Route to Infinity

    1.100 DKK
  • Technique 88

    Technique 88 Lectures

    2.100 DKK
  • Source of Life Energy

    Source of Life Energy

    2.100 DKK
  • The Command of Theta

    The Command of Theta

    1.500 DKK
  • The Philadelphia Doctorate Course

    The Philadelphia Doctorate Course

    11.000 DKK
  • The Factors

    The Factors

    2.300 DKK
  • Phoenix Lectures

    Phoenix Lectures

    3.200 DKK
  • Unification Congress

    The Unification Congress

    2.100 DKK
  • Hubbard Professional Course Lectures

    Hubbard Professional Course Lectures

    1.500 DKK
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