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In order to enter into a subscription with us, you accept the following additional terms for subscription payments. Please read them carefully.


For contributions to the Planetary Dissemination book campaign, you can choose to pay a fixed monthly amount. If you choose to do so, you will be prompted to, and must, create an account on our website. This is because you are making recurring transactions and these must be associated with a user account on our website.

By subscribing, you agree to a recurring monthly subscription at the amount you select on the first payment, and you accept responsibility for these payments. You may cancel your monthly subscription at any time.

All payments made to the book campaign will be used towards the purpose of disseminating Scientology globally in the needed order of magnitude. These payments are not refundable. The exact locations of distribution of materials are directed by New Era Publications International ApS based on demand.


Once you subscribe, New Era Publications International ApS will immediately process your chosen amount and will continue to automatically process your monthly subscription amount each month on the same date as your first payment.

The date of your next payment is visible on the checkout page when you first obtain your subscription and thereafter you will be able to see it on your subscriptions page. After each successful processing of a monthly payment, you will receive a receipt by email.


New Era Publications International ApS will process on a monthly basis the amount you specified on your first payment. You can change this amount at any time by going to your active subscription on your subscriptions page and clicking “Change Amount”. The new amount will be charged at the date of your next monthly payment.


On your subscriptions page you can see the status of your subscription(s). From this page you can change the status of your subscription at any time to suspend (put on hold), cancel or reactivate it. If you need help, feel free to contact us here:

If you cancel your monthly subscription, the cancellation will take effect immediately. You are not eligible for a refund on payments made prior to the cancellation.

If you cancel your monthly subscription you can re-subscribe at any time on your subscriptions page by viewing the subscription and clicking on “Reactivate”.


If your credit card is expired or rejected, or we do not receive payment from your credit card provider, a total of 5 retry attempts will be made over 7 days, to process the funds for your monthly payment. If after these attempts the payment is still not accepted, the monthly payment is cancelled and will not be charged to you. Your subscription will still continue as normal and we will process your payment for the next month as usual.

You will be informed by email each time a re-attempt is made. This email also provides you with a payment link where you can manually complete the payment (if for example you wish to pay with a different card). You may suspend or cancel your subscription at any time.


We accept the following payment methods for subscriptions:
credit card payments from Visa, Mastercard, ApplePay, MobilePay and PayPal.

Your monthly recurring payment will be made with the payment type you selected when you made your first payment. You may change the payment method at any time by going to your subscriptions page.