Auditing Materials

The materials listed here will only be delivered to certified auditors. If you have any questions, or are looking for a specific item, contact us at

• L1C
• Short L4
• C/S 53 Long Form
• C/S 53 Short Form
• Green Form
• False TA Checklist
• GF40X
• Purification Rundown Repair List
• Objectives Correction List
• End Of Endless DRD Repair List
• PTS RD Correction List
• Int Rundown Correction List
• The Happiness Rundown Repair List
• Trouble Area Short Form
• Trouble Area Questionnaire
• HC Outpoint–Pluspoint Lists RC
• Cramming Repair Assessment List
• FDS Repair List
• Student Correction List
• Study Green Form
• Student Rehabilitation List
• Repair Correction List
• Questionable Auditing Repair List
• Debug Tech Checklist
• Product Debug Repair List
• Confessional Auditor Analysis Checklist
• Scientology Auditor Analysis Checklist

• Folder Summary Form
• Auditor’s Report Form
• Examiner Form
• Summary Report
• Folder Error Summary
• FES Checklist – Grades
• FES Summary Checklist
• Invoice
• Yellow Sheet
• Scientology C/S 1
• Scn DRD Drug List
• Dianetics Full Flow Table
• HRD Assessment List
• False TA Checklist
• False TA Checklist Handling Summary

• HRD Process Checklist
• ARC Straightwire Process checklist
• ARC Straightwire Process checklist II
• Mini List of Grade 0-IV Processes
• Grade 0 Grade Process checklist
• Grade 0 Grade Process checklist II
• Grade I Grade Process checklist
• Grade I Grade Process checklist II
• Grade II Grade Process checklist
• Grade II Grade Process checklist II
• Grade III Grade Process checklist
• Grade III Grade Process checklist II
• Grade IV Grade Process checklist
• Grade IV Grade Process checklist II

• M1 Commands
• M1 Assessment List
• Word Clearing Correction List Glossary

• Dianetic C/S 1
• Preassessment List
• L3RI
• Original Assessment Sheet
• FES Checklist – NED
• Dianetics Full Flow Table
• NED Auditor Analysis Checklist

Meter Accessories

Training Materials

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