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2nd American ACC

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Be Surprised at nothing

“We’d certainly better know what we’re trying to do with this Standard Operating Procedure. What we’re trying to do with it is orient this life unit so thoroughly that it comes to life. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do.” —L. Ron Hubbard

Ridges… slices of energy… mirror mazes—blown away with processes to restore one’s basic beingness as Cause. For here is the breakthrough and development of the legendary Rehabilitation of the Human Spirit and Standard Operating Procedure of 8-C:

“Specifically, the use of these processes obtains, when correctly used, without further evaluation for or indoctrination of the preclear, the knowledge that he is not a body, that he is a creative energy‑production unit and demonstrates to him his purposes and abilities.”

Discover the answer. For it’s no less than the key that unlocks the entrance to every case.


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