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3rd American ACC

Solo in Inglese
The Ability to Create at Will

“The thetan has one thing different from MEST: he can get ideas. That’s the first obvious difference between a thetan and MEST. Yet there is another senior difference: he can bring a mass of MEST to life by gluing it together and organizing it with his own endowment of livingness. He can make something live. And this is his highest ability.”—L. Ron Hubbard

Here is Standard Operating Procedure 8-C applied to restore knowingness and beingness to entire groups and so begin a new culture. And from that springboard of SOP 8‑C came the 3rd American Advanced Clinical Course and a step beyond exteriorization:

“SOP 8‐O is, of course, a technique which simply drills up the capabilities, on a gradient scale, of the thetan so he can see, hear, speak, get out electricity, throw out postulates, control bodies other than his own, and do other things which are well within his abilities.”

Here are techniques to restore the ability of theta to break the bonds of the physical universe and move straight into the realm of Operating Thetan. And if that’s not enough, it also restores ability to endow life to MEST itself.


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