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6th London ACC

Solo in Inglese
The Easiest, Fastest Way to Clear the Planet

“An HAS Co-audit is what it is. And the only thing that you’d have to add to it is a considerable amount of life, ability to withstand the tremendous confusions that are going to blow off, and carry on with it and bring it through to its end.” —L. Ron Hubbard

A goal Ron set even before Book One days… a postulate every Scientologist makes… an achievement all beings depend on for their survival in eternity—and a landmark ACC bringing the means to its full attainment. For this is the 6th London Advanced Clinical Course, the definitive ACC on how to achieve planetary clearing, with Ron training auditors on the easiest, fastest and most workable method of clearing the public at large—HAS Co-audit.

Containing the detailed technical and administrative know‑how, here is Ron’s formula for clearing the planet—literally, the entire planet and, literally, an actual formula. It all starts and ends with the professional auditor, while the part in between unlocks the gate to population Earth on the route to Clear.


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