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Hubbard Clearing Scientologist Course

Solo in Inglese
Auditing Will Never Be the Same Again

“The Tone Arm is a measure of the amount of responsibility taken by the pc for his existence and for his overts and withholds in general. So this tone arm can be said to be—and I now give you a highly important vital datum in the use of an E-Meter and the keynote to all auditing and it is simply this: that the higher the Tone Arm, the less the responsibility for the overts and withholds.” —L. Ron Hubbard

Straight after the State of Man Congress, without pause, came the vital step of training auditors to apply these discoveries to free beings. And since the new technology mandated precision auditing, one auditor tool assumed preeminence—the E-Meter. Hence, the Hubbard Clearing Scientologist Course, every lecture packed with solid meat: E‑Meter phenomena, metering and time track structure, how to process against a meter, the relation between case level and needle state and much more. As to their full significance, in releasing them to HGCs and auditor training courses, Ron described the HCS lectures as the most important course tapes ever issued.

Here are the monumental discoveries that inaugurated a new era of auditor skill and preclear gain, opening the gates to the state of OT.


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