The Dianetics How-to Kit

The step-by-step guide to begin the adventure of Dianetics Auditing

In addition to the How to Use Dianetics DVD, The Complete Dianetics How-to Kit includes a paperback copy of Dianetics and Dianetics Lectures and Demonstrations on compact disc. It further provides instructions for the sequence of study for the book, lectures and DVD. Moreover, and most important, here is the step-by-step guide to begin the adventure of auditing, right at home.

This is the perfect do-it-yourself resource for anyone ready to learn and apply L. Ron Hubbard’s proven, groundbreaking procedure. This kit allows you to master the subject of Dianetics.

The Complete Kit includes:

  • How to Use Dianetics DVD
  • Paperback Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health
  • Dianetics Lectures and Demonstrations
  • How to Use Dianetics Film Guide
  • Dianetics Procedure Guide


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