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What is holding you back?

It is about how you think (and why you often think too much), about your self-confidence and your courage to take action. Potentially you would be able to achieve anything that you can conceive of. But what is holding you back?

There is a certain, unsuspected factor in our thinking that affects us subconsciously.

It is the cause of stress and burnout; the main factor that prevents positive thinking.

DIANETICS explains very precisely what this factor is with which we sabotage ourselves.

Reading the book alone and understanding the simple logic behind the seemingly complex structure of the mind (conscious and subconscious) gives a completely new perspective in life. But Dianetics goes beyond theory and describes an easy-to-use method to free your mind from this burden. The result is you in best shape.

The practical success made Dianetics a bestseller that stayed in top positions for months and has sold over 22 million copies in 51 languages.

The book is particularly popular with CEOs, entrepreneurs, self-employed, with those who want to achieve something in life; and those who always thought that there is much more power in them that can be freed up.

The book answers some very old philosophical questions.

Use a lot more of your mental potential! Intelligence, self-confidence and also general health can be increased. You still hold the key, but long forgotten. Dianetics points you to where you can find it again.

What is different about this book?

There are so many books about wealth, happiness, positiveness and success.
Most of the popular books in this field tell you that it’s basically down to your attitude. That it’s what you emanate, your own mind-set that determines your success and happiness. That might be true, but then how do you change this attitude, this mind-set? How do you suddenly rise above your self-invalidations, anxieties, and failures, and turn yourself into this bright shining person, who just knows he is going to get what he wants?

This is where Dianetics comes in. Here is the secret about what it is that influences you unknowingly. You will understand that real change and real help is actually possible. This is why over 22 million people bought and read it, and it keeps growing year by year. Find out for yourself.

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What is Dianetics?

Dianetics is the breakthrough that has enabled us to understand for the first time the logical structure based on which our thinking works – consciously and subconsciously. Dianetics has clearly defined what the mind exactly is and what it consists of. Based on this foundation it was discovered what impeded a person’s memory, decisions, blocked his rationality, and pulled him down emotionally.

Dianetics includes a practical approach that makes it possible to remove these stumbling blocks, and actually experience a resurgence of life energy and positivity that makes a noticeable difference in a person’s happiness and success.

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What people have to say after reading Dianetics:
Real practical solutions

“I had been looking for something about the mind and found this book. It’s totally not what I expected and gives the clearest most interesting view about the mind that I have ever read. I really found the answers to why I sometimes would feel a lack of self confidence or sometimes not as happy as I perhaps could be. I read all sorts of books but this one really gives the best information I have read anywhere. I highly recommend this book. If you’re looking for real practical solutions and a better understanding of yourself, this is the book to read.”


Change is possible

“I always knew that I was far from making the most out of my life and my abilities. I knew that there was some reason why I was not performing up to my capacity. But I had no clue why and I had no idea how to change it. Some books tell you all about how you’re supposed to think positive and all this, but it did not change anything really. When I read Dianetics I finally understood what it was that had been holding me back all this time, and for the first time I saw there is hope to actually change it. It still looked almost too good to be true. Anyway, I decided “the proof is in the pudding” and gave it a try. Wow. I got a lot more than I expected. But instead of raving about it, I’ll just say: read it yourself. And see what it does for you.”


I’m not plagued by my past anymore

“You know those thoughts, feelings and ideas that darken your thoughts, make you depressed and make you think you can’t make it? Those things that enter in when you least expect it? Well, I thought there was something wrong with me and I was the only one that experienced those. But then I read this book and found I was not alone, that there wasn’t something wrong with me, but I was the subject of an unknown power, unsuspected and always there. Even more so, in reading this book, I found there was a solution… and that was new to me. I was amazed of the truth of the book and in reading the book I had the feeling that the author wrote the book for me. I was hooked and engaged all the way, till I knew the way out. Now I’m not plagued by my past anymore, yes, it did exist and things did happen, however now I can look at the future as a bright path with no chains holding me back. People who don’t know what is contained in this book are missing out.”


I never got uncomfortable or stressed again

“I bought Dianetics because I wanted to know what the mind is and how it works. I was very surprised to find real facts and simple principles on how to understand other people and also what was stopping me to use more of my potential. I used the techniques described in Dianetics with my friend and we both got real changes in life. I had been feeling very uncomfortable and stressed about speed even if I was sitting as a passenger in a car driving below speed limit. After applying the technique in Dianetics, I found the reason which caused this fear and I never got uncomfortable or stressed again. I managed to get rid of many other fears I used to have and I can now comfortably deliver a speech in front of more than a hundred people. And I could help a friend of mine with some of his issues as well. So I can recommend Dianetics to anybody who wants to become more able or to help other people.”


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