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State of Man Congress

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Responsibility Versus Case—Only One Will Win

„If the definition of Operating Thetan is knowing and willing cause over all dynamics, then we can see at once that responsibility must go hand in hand with making an Operating Thetan.“ —L. Ron Hubbard

Beginning with Book One in 1950, and continuing through each successive year, it was a decade of monumental discoveries and milestone technology towards the goal of Clear. Here, is the congress that launched the next decade, and set the whole of Scientology towards Operating Thetan. It all followed from the very definition of OT as „knowing and willing cause over all dynamics.“ For while all earlier efforts were aimed at clearing people on the First Dynamic, Ron opened this one with the startling announcement: „What I’ve arrived at this Congress with was how to clear them on the First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Dynamics.“

While even more startling was the breakthrough that made it possible: Responsibility and the watershed technology of Overts and Withholds. Here, then, is technology spanning every dynamic from the individual, to marriage, to entire governments. Here, too, is the very long view of the overt–motivator sequence across scores of lifetimes, and why that whole track seems so dim. Technology drawn from Ron’s first OT research, and the crucial make‑break of case gain—herein lies the key to responsibility across all dynamics, and hence, your route to the state of OT.