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Unlocking the Gates to OT

« Just get right in there and audit! You can’t hear what the pc said, well, put your ear over close to his face! And he seems to be trying to blow or something of the sort or appears very nervous, well, hold him in the chair! And you don’t think he’s listening to you very good, give him a solid comm line of an arm. » —L. Ron Hubbard

With auditors routinely able to make Clears, he turned to the exact mechanics and handling of what prevents a thetan from being an Operating Thetan. It was a breakthrough so embracive that it not only opened the gates at ground level—from how to salvage marriages to the rehabilitation of executives—but spanned eternity itself, as Ron unveils in the legendary lecture Principal Incidents on the Track.

Here, then, is the technology to recover responsibility on any dynamic. Vital for every being. In auditing and in life.


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