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22nd American ACC

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Want Perfect Sessions? Here’s a Script

« But when you get to a Formula, you are running by Model Session, by the script. And you’ve got to have that down much, much better than you ever learned the Ten Commandments, because people’s lives depend on the Model Session script. » —L. Ron Hubbard

With technology now having reached a plateau of total workability, right down to the exact procedures to open and crack any case, Ron was prepared to do what he’d planned for ten years— »throwing the switch » on planetary salvation.

And to just that end came the 22nd American Advanced Clinical Course, with the presentation of « Model Session. » As to the importance of that first Model Session script, Ron told auditors he didn’t want them to learn it « cold. » No—he wanted it learned « hot, hot, hot. » For the goal was not just good auditing, it was perfect auditing.


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