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3rd South African ACC

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Launching an Avalanche to Clear

« What we have learned in the past more aptly fits in the future. The development of Dianetics and Scientology has if anything been backwards. It went from a medium high to a very high and then started downscale trying to find the undercut and where people lived. Well, we’re there now. » —L. Ron Hubbard

With technology now capable of producing Clears in the hands of any trained auditor, Ron set himself to the final task. Specifically, dedicating himself to the toughest of tough cases to overcome the only remaining barrier—the initial cracking of those cases so they could then benefit from all else he’d developed.

The discoveries and technology contained in these lectures were so pivotal in getting every preclear off the launching pad that Ron would later point to the 3rd South African ACC as that which « started the avalanche toward Release and Clear. »

Moreover, history tells the rest of the story. Because this ACC was the last Ron ever delivered, not only climaxing an entire era of research and development on the road to Clear and Operating Thetan, but marking the starting point for the next monumental phase with the commencement of the legendary Saint Hill Special Briefing Course.


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