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Ability Congress

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If You Live Only for #1… This Congress is Not for You

„Everyone is as able as he was billions of years ago, his ability never diminishes, but his willingness diminishes and his knowingness can be monitored.“ —L. Ron Hubbard

Attendees were greeted with a handwritten note, „Hello Congress! Neither you nor the field will ever be the same again after this one.“ And neither they nor the rest of the Scientology world ever were. Capping a year of breakthroughs, with processes to reach every case, and training drills that revolutionized auditing, Ron was about to present the means for a new civilization—a world based on you. It all stemmed from the discovery that, „The aberrated Third Dynamic is the summed irresponsibilities of the First Dynamic. An insane group is one formed by the weak to protect them against the strong. A sane group is an expression of communication by those who could each one stand alone.“

And so came Ron’s watershed technology on both the importance of groups and the means to create real Third Dynamics. Whereupon he provided program after program, with the step‑by‑step actions expressly aimed at galvanizing others around a survival cause. As for that world based on you—here is the dramatic discovery of the true nature of mental image pictures—a breakthrough of such importance Ron said it should be written on a piece of golden paper. After all, it opened the gates to discovering the ability you’ve always had for billions of years.

Here then is the congress where Ron moved Scientology, as a whole, three feet behind society’s head.