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South African Anatomy Congress

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From L. Ron Hubbard to South Africa

„From Southern Africa will spring the next great civilization on this planet, and it will succeed because Scientology and all its technology is on its side.“ —L. Ron Hubbard

Immediately following the Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress in Washington, DC, Ron flew to Johannesburg. There, he delivered the same Congress, but this time tailored specifically for South Africans. In this unique event, he demonstrates the Anatomy of the Human Mind Course to the largest ever congress—literally demonstrating the rock‑solid simplicities of Scientology and how to teach them to others: the time track, start‑change‑stop, the cycle‑of‑action, valences, the nature of aberration and much more.

While to better understand and interest new people, Ron additionally presented the Pre-havingness Scale—a chart spanning the entire gamut of the human race, and charting the levels to bring any being from the very bottom—Inverted Interest—to the very top—Interest.