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Success Congress

Nedostupné v češtině
True Leadership has arrived

„What we are doing today is not necessarily providing the leaders of tomorrow, but we are raising the general level of responsibility at the same time that all other social actions seek to depress it. We ourselves are keeping something in balance that is more important probably even than I understand. I know it’s important. That is all I know.“ —L. Ron Hubbard

Here is the congress which provided the final chapter on all development to date and the beginning of an entirely new era. For with all the discoveries the past year had brought—in terms of clearing—they had now culminated in a breakthrough for planetary expansion. First, Ron reveals the single reactive postulate at the core of planetary apathy, „there is nothing I can do about it.“ Yet that postulate doesn’t stand a chance—not with what Ron next discovered. Stemming from the pervasive datum, „the confusions aren’t and order is,“ came the discovery of the senior ability of a thetan.

In fact, once a being reaches the top of the scale, it’s the only thing they can do. It’s a datum that provides the answer of how an individual can consecutively and continuously bring wider order that spreads like a wave over the world. And that’s the substance of why Ron began this congress where they usually ended: the future of Scientology. For by the final, and now legendary lecture, he had provided the means to attain that rarest of qualities, yet one inherent in every Scientologist, and required for a new civilization: Leadership.