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Theta Clear Congress

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Succumb? Survive!

„To go on living requires that one penetrate the mysteries which are making him back up. And the greatest of those mysteries is the mystery of ‚Should I survive? Or should I succumb?'“ —L. Ron Hubbard

An experiment that riveted the world: Eighteen‑foot tomato plants and cucumbers the size of watermelons made global headlines. But what those newspapers knew wasn’t even half of the epic saga surrounding Ron’s greenhouse plant experiments, and a breakthrough concerning life itself: how the fundamental postulates of survive and succumb interplay in life and result in the game called „victim.“ In the wake of that breakthrough came further discoveries revealing the basic reasons for a being’s postulates of self‑destruction, and their solution—Communication Processes sweeping the track clean of core aberrations.

Moreover, here’s where application took on a fully massive dimension with the announcement of a new type of auditing enabling one auditor to handle hundreds, or even thousands of preclears at a time. It’s the means to broad scale clearing and planetary salvation.






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