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Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress

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You’re Just About to Inherit This Planet—Whether You Like it or Not

„We’ve got dissemination solved. We have the administration end of it solved. We have been digging our forward trenches and sinking in the concrete and getting ourselves ready to launch an assault. Where do we go from here? Well, I can tell you frankly, we’re going to go all the way.“ —L. Ron Hubbard

With new breakthroughs in place to reach any case, Ron was ready to „throw the switch“ on planetary expansion. And here is where that switch connected: with a new course to present Dianetics and Scientology basics in a whole new way. It followed from the simple premise: While one can demonstrate chemical reactions or the workings of machines, how does one demonstrate the parts and phenomena of the human mind and spirit? Ron provides the answer, and shows how to do it with the Anatomy of the Human Mind Course.

Here, then, is Ron’s onstage demonstration of the „Things of Scientology,“ each as solid and real as anything in the physical sciences. As he further explained, no previous field of the mind could ever demonstrate such things as they were all „figure‑figure.“ Well, there’s none of that here. Not when those live demonstrations included the most colorful and lively demonstrations of any congress—from test tubes and static electricity, to skulls and brains—all to demonstrate what is the mind and what isn’t.

Moreover, here is the means for every Scientologist to show people they are a spiritual being, what the mind really is and that Scientology can help them.