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London Congress on Nuclear Radiation, Control & Health

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Radiation, the Final Chapter

„The primary problem that we face today is not the control of governments who are failing to control testing and radiation but is actually the problem of continuing to control a populace which may get too tired to go on living or may revolt into an hysteria which defies any control.“ —L. Ron Hubbard

A congress so important, it was held at London’s Royal Empire Society Hall. Having already provided the initial results of his research, with solutions in place to address the immediate effects of radiation, Ron’s research continued at an even more urgent pace.

Point of fact—in the three months that intervened between congresses he delivered no less than 83 lectures, personally instructing two Advanced Clinical Courses for auditors. And what that research revealed was not only the rock‑bottom eternal answer to radiation, but a technical milestone which stands to this day as the means to reach every case: Control, Communication and Havingness (CCH). It’s a trio Ron described as ranking in importance with Affinity, Reality and Communication (ARC) and, in application, capable of resolving the problems of Man with a simplicity that cannot be exaggerated.

At the heart of this congress is Ron’s definitive trilogy of lectures on radiation—lectures so groundbreaking that copies were immediately requested by Members of Parliament and which form the basis of the book, All About Radiation.






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