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Melbourne Congress

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History is made in Australia

„The fate of any piece of knowledge Man has ever been able to learn about himself, his society or this universe has sooner or later become subservient to some special interest with a curve on it to make more slaves. And this is one time when as long as I’ve got words in my mouth and breath in my thetan—this is one time when that curve isn’t going to happen.“ —L. Ron Hubbard

With auditor training courses standardized, clearing technology in broad use and a central dissemination center now established at Saint Hill, Ron embarked on a round‑the‑world tour to ensure the stability of all Scientology organizations. But that tour was only a small stepping stone towards a far grander destination he’d set his sights upon: Operating Thetan. And that’s why his first stop was Australia as the necessary base in the Southern Hemisphere, far away from the potential fallout of East and West warmongers.

Here, then, is his message to Australian Scientologists on a responsibility they hold to this day as a last safe harbor. Here, too, is Ron’s deeply personal story of how he first forged a bond with Australia when serving as a US Naval Officer through the Second World War.

Ron next made his first public announcement of recent developments on OT. And drawing from the whole tangled history of thetans, he reveals the mechanism of how deep‑seated aberration reverses the cycle‑of‑action in a being—moving one from „create“ to „destroy.“ Moreover, Ron had found the answer and it was summed up in a single word: Responsibility. It was a breakthrough that would open the gateway to OT, and here is where it first began.