17th American ACC

4.000 DKK
Radiation Reverses the Genetic Line—True or False?

“This society, at this time, by the restimulation of radiation in the air and by other factors, economic and political, is getting to a point where to get any individual being to do any part of his job requires an auditor who can run CCH, and run it very well. And we might call it auditing here, but in the years to come you will call it living. And this is why you will be alive. Because you understand these things.”—L. Ron Hubbard

Men with huge jaws and enormous teeth… primitive, uncultivated plants—it sounds like a throwback to prehistory.

Yet, as Ron reveals, it could be what lies up the track. Thus Ron delivered these crucial lectures to instruct auditors on expanded application of Control, Communication and Havingness to crack any case.

It was a breakthrough sufficiently great to make that achievement possible. For with these astonishing lectures, you will hold the future in your hands. Yours. Theirs. This planet’s.


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