1st American ACC

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It’s Like Taking the Brakes Off a Coiled Spring

“I found out that whenever I trained an auditor well, when he walked out into the society, there was a spreading pool of light going from him.” —L. Ron Hubbard

Ron had demonstrated a truth that for eons Man had speculated about: namely, each individual is a spiritual being. And he had charted the full potentials of that being as an Operating Thetan. And with the tools to raise beings to the highest levels came the importance of application:

“I am going to take on personally, for training, some few top-crust HDAs or HCAs.”

With these words, Ron signaled the start of the legendary Advanced Clinical Courses and the release of technology so powerful he compared it to taking the brakes off a coiled spring. What that unleashed were his watershed discoveries on the whys and wherefores of exteriorization and its pivotal role in rehabilitating a being to native state. Here Ron detailed its theory and mechanics, explained why it is a natural condition for a being and taught its application through SOP 8.


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