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6th American ACC
The Role of Duplication

The Basic Action of Existence—And in the MEST Universe, the Single Crime

“Duplication is tremendously important. Tremendously important. It just can’t be overemphasized in a case.” —L. Ron Hubbard

Your perception depends upon it. So does your communication. And so does your case gain and that of your preclears. In fact, it is so basic that the primary degeneration of a thetan can be traced to its failure on any dynamic.

In this legendary series of lectures, Ron unveils a breakthrough capable of accelerating preclear gains into the stratosphere. By Ron’s own estimate, the time saved in cases was scores, if not hundreds, of hours. To make these discoveries even more broadly available, in the midst of delivering the ACC Ron gave the Universe Processes Congress, wherein he detailed how one moves from being a problem (MEST) to being the solver of problems (theta). Here too are processes to free a being from universes in which he is trapped—both the physical universe and the universes of other beings.

You will want to have all this data. After all, it’s a matter of survival. Yours.








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