8th American ACC

2.300 DKK
Your Considerations are Senior to MEST, Unless you Consider Otherwise

“As you go up toward freedom, you get in more and more into an aesthetic band. You get into, simultaneously, a confidence band. You get higher and higher and higher up the line until you finally achieve something like a violent, fast, highly ecstatic, tremendously emotional type of life.”—L. Ron Hubbard

The Auditor’s Handbook was hot off the press, containing not only the first publication of the Scientology Axioms, but the famed processes of Route 1 and Route 2—drawn from the very fabric of those Axioms—giving an exact step‑by‑step route to full ability as a thetan exterior. And so it was that Ron convened this most special of courses to teach the senior of all datums and the crucial factor to both auditor and preclear success: the power of consideration.

Discover the secrets that Man has searched for since the beginning of recorded history—and the keys to regaining the power and ability of your own considerations.


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