The Remedy of Havingness

1.700 DKK
No Matter How You Play It, Life is a Game

“The way to be at liberty in this life is to be able to have or not have this life at will. To be able to have or not have bodies, space, environment, planets, mock-ups, anything. You get the idea?” —L. Ron Hubbard

Delivered weekly in London between December 1955 and February 1956, this is a lecture series like no other. Ron was working hands‑on to make crackerjack auditors, simultaneously lecturing and sending them out into the field to sharpen their skills. Here he teaches the elements of havingness, explains the difference between repair and remedy of havingness, defines the relationship of havingness to ARC and demonstrates the power, reach and tremendous case gain that results from expertly carried‑on two‑way communication.


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