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Universe Processes Congress

The Key to Operating at Cause, the Means to Create any Effect—Duplication

“If a man is having a hard time in life, it’s because he can’t bring about a duplication and he himself cannot tolerate a duplication. In other words, he himself can’t be at cause and he doesn’t dare be the effect of somebody else’s cause.” —L. Ron Hubbard

Yet another milestone—Duplication, and its role both in the preclear’s ability to as-is and exteriorize and the auditor’s skill to achieve that result. Here is the congress where Ron unveiled Procedure 30, comprising three breakthrough processes: the soon‑to‑be legendary Opening Procedure by Duplication, Problems and Solutions and Granting of Beingness. Yet congress attendees received far more than a mere description, with Ron delivering these processes to the group.

No matter the rave results, the greater story was yet to come. First, with technology to reach every case, publication of the first Group Auditor’s Handbook and Group Processing as a mainstay of Scientology. Second, the breakthroughs of Duplication, resulting in processes to vanquish one’s reactive mind. And finally, the lightning advance to the full codification of technology from this era of development to the pinnacle of thetan ability. For within months Ron had codified not only the Axioms of Scientology, but processes drawn from the very core of those Axioms that crack the very bottom rung of cases and reach to the accomplishment of exterior OT ability. This, then, is the congress that bridges from theta potentials in Scientology 8-8008 to the state of OT and The Creation of Human Ability.






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