Clean Hands Congress

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What You can’t Reach, You can’t Have

“Your command value is totally dependent upon your ability to reach. Factually, altitude is totally dependent upon the ability to reach. It’s worked out that way.” —L. Ron Hubbard

It had been a year since his last congress, and in that time something new, something truly groundbreaking had occurred. Because when Ron announced, “You have a new horizon, a new future,” he was in fact referring to the development of modern auditing leading to the Grade Chart itself. For just as he’d revolutionized auditor training with Training Drills (TRs), he’d now developed a brand‑new meter and codified its use in auditing.

And even all of that was only a part of something far greater he’d begun: The Saint Hill Special Briefing Course! Then again, Ron left no doubt this would be a new type of congress as well: “I’m not going to pull any punches for you at all.” And he didn’t. For here is where Ron announced his discovery of the Goals Problem Mass (GPM), “Masses of mental energy, you might say, burned down to the last notch, and nobody can get rid of the cinders.” And that’s just the beginning of what he reveals regarding the GPM—extending back 200 trillion years—in these, the only public lectures ever given on the subject outside the Briefing Course.

Moreover, there’s what that discovery revealed in terms of case progress at every level. In fact, as Ron also reveals, it had everything to do with the development of the E‑Meter. In a single word—the subject is Withholds. And when you find out what they do to your bank, how they affect your reach, indeed, your very beingness—you’ll think twice before ever sitting on one. You will also understand why this is the Clean Hands Congress and the route upwards and onwards to freedom.


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