How to use Dianetics Film on DVD


Dianetics enables you to be your best: confident, rational, productive and creative. In other words, you can be yourself—free to enjoy life and reach your full potential. That is the goal of Dianetics.

This film presentation is based on and serves as a companion to Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, the most widely read and broadly acclaimed book ever written on the mind. It reveals how negative experiences in your past cause your mind to depart from rational thought and behavior—without you even knowing it. What’s more, this film teaches you exactly how to use the precise Dianetics procedure of auditing to locate these past experiences and eliminate their negative effects.

This film set of two DVDs consists of the following:

  • Part One, a 1 hour 42 minute presentation to immediately begin applying Dianetics
  • Part Two, 16 additional film chapters demonstrating every aspect and technique of Dianetics auditing
  • Dianetics Procedure Guide
  • Dianetics Film Guide

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