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London Clearing Congress

Chaos = MEST, Order = Life—Let the Battle Begin!

“There’s even been a word for Clear here on Earth for 2,500 years. But who was around to make one? Well, it’s interesting that somebody could dream about this for 2,500 years and that it could conquer and civilize about two-thirds of the world’s population without it ever happening. That’s quite a dream, isn’t it? And all of a sudden we come along and nonchalantly say, ‘Well, we can do it!'” —L. Ron Hubbard

The long search for truth, the tortuous journey from culture to culture, the perilous quest into realms few had ever glimpsed, much less ventured—Ron’s most renowned lecture of all time, The Story of Dianetics and Scientology. And that’s only the first monumental lecture! Beyond is the epic view of Scientology—past, present and future. Beginning with the past, from his current vantage point of Clear, Ron looks back through each previous discovery all the way to the first Clears he made in 1947. What that revealed is the answer to the question: “What happened to the rest of the bank the moment they achieved Clear?” And if the question was startling enough, what the answer revealed was the solution for total stability.

Here is not only the discovery of what prevents a preclear from “erasing” his mental image pictures, but a revelation that quite literally answers what life was like at the moment of creation. All of which opened a new panorama of doingness, extending across every dynamic, and summed up in the phrase “Bring Order.”






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