The Hell Job Series

250 DKK
Unabridged audiobook on CD

Sometimes the only way to make a living is to defy death … Meet the men who will do anything … go anywhere, take any risk …

And it’s all in a day’s work.

Based on real men and real situations, these are just some of the characters Hubbard brings to life—men who risk everything every day in true jobs from hell….

Horace Purdy Potts, radio operator on the good ship Empress—a rust bucket loaded with explosive cargo and bound for danger. The crew is bent on murder, a fire threatens to blow the freighter to kingdom come and sharks are circling in the waters below.

Sleepy McGee, a civil engineer plying his trade in the most uncivilized of worlds. His assignment: build a road. Simple enough—if it weren’t for the deep jungles, high cliffs and white-water rivers in his way.

Clip Gilroy’s job is a three-ring circus—literally—and he’s about to have a very bad day. Imagine forty jungle beasts, ten tons of big cat—claws out, fangs bared—leaping at your chest and you’ve got an idea of what’s on Clip’s agenda. A vacation would be nice—if he lives to see the day.

Meet the heroes of The Hell Job Series—stirring tales of danger, courage and adventure told as only master storyteller L. Ron Hubbard can. He lived every job himself … and has boldly and realistically brought them all to life here.





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