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Games Congress

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Life is a Game—Don’t Forget it!

„The road to truth detoured through games, through aberrative conditions, through stress and strife; games is the common denominator of it. And those games contain freedom, barriers and purposes. And the road back is the same road“ —L. Ron Hubbard

What is life? From holiest of temples to everyday streets, it is a question long asked, but never answered. In this congress, Ron presents the surprising resolution—all stemming from his groundbreaking research into a subject deceptively irrelevant at first glance, but factually embracing the whole of existence—Life is a game!

For notwithstanding the slings and arrows of life, the reason for living and the reason for a game are the same. And whether baseball, polo or chess—by studying the elements of games, we find ourselves in possession of the elements of life.

Here are the components: freedom, barriers and purposes, and the exact factors determining a „game“ and a „no‑game condition.“ Ron further details the four types of games—including those the being doesn’t know he’s playing—the basis of all aberration. Through lecture after lecture Ron lays out the application of games principles to all life—from individuals, groups and societies to revelations on why a thetan loves problems and, hence, the approach in auditing to not only improve one’s ability to play the game, but to achieve truth itself.

So groundbreaking were these discoveries, they also formed the very core of what else Ron released at this Congress: Scientology: The Fundamentals of Thought—a book he forevermore called, „Book One of Scientology.“






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