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Freedom Congress

Intention Without Reservation

“Almost at once we are going to have a Congress. We are calling it the Freedom Congress because it starts on July 4, 1957, and because it is all about freedom from human confusion.” —L. Ron Hubbard

While only a few months since his previous Congress, this next one just couldn’t wait. The application of CCHs was achieving a new level of case gain. With it, a skilled auditor could process a day‑old baby, a person in a coma, a total psychotic and most importantly, a person in very good shape. There was however a predicament. The effectiveness of CCHs depended on the auditor’s own case and tone level—in fact, Tone 40. How then could the processes to reach every case be applied on a broad basis if every auditor must first advance their own case to Clear? The answer revolutionized training and processing: The Upper Indoctrination Training Drills (TRs).

As for what they meant to every Scientologist—far more than just teaching an auditor skill, they quite literally make a “synthetic Clear.” And that’s just the start of what you’ll hear. For when Upper Indoc hits the stage in the Freedom Congress—it hits with a bang! At the top of the Tone Scale—Tone 40—live and bullbaited! Here is not only the correct performance of these skills, but all the inherent humor in Ron’s coaching—in a congress so lively you’ll have to remind yourself it isn’t just for entertainment!






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